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Team Nano Disbanded

malox5 / Dec 19, 2017 / Team News
Team Nano has been disbanded as of today since none of us play C3 anymore and since nobody else probably plays it either. I personally moved on from gaming altogether nearly 2 years ago.

Thank you to anyone who joined over our period of a few years (not that anyone is reading this πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)


Team Nano is disbanded effective immediately.

14PC online
7PS3 online
1 Xbox360 online
... oh the end of the days
Ah wait that was the page this morning, I refreshed now (this night) and it currently is 28 on PC, 37 on PS3 and 29 on Xbox360. Wow this is very high though. It's not forgotten yet o.o!! And I thought the xbox was dead a long time ago compared to the PS3, now they are more or less equal (the difference in players has become less drastic.). o.o ...!! I'm surprised there are still PC players though. I thought PC was the first to disappear, thinking people played just for the graphics on rare occasions with a very good quality but in bursts until no one was almost left, while the xbox was, honestly, with the vibe of simply being bad and always empty of players compared to the PlayStation 3. When they get near the 1 player absolute minimum, I guess all differences become less apparent, as they are all almost at zero...

Our console still dominates, all things considered. We had chosen well our platform to play, albeit I have bad memories of half-loaded textures at low resolution and delayed jumps with deaths shot from behing and sometimes while being already behind a rock still dying of old bullets from when I was jumping before... It's like 256MB of RAM is, MAYBE, just a little bit too cutting it close for a game like C3. How did they fit it in, we must question? (It's a console from 2006 hey, surprisingly in fact! The hardware is as old as rocks compared to a GTX PC with an SSD instead of bluray reader to load...).

For all it was worth, my nanoarmor was no thicker than Papier-mΓ’chΓ© and my nanosuit assured me of safety as playing a counter strike match versus world championship teenagers at home with a windows 98 256kilobit connection on the bermuda triangle having internet fluctuations with blinking lights, while I know that someone is pointing my back with a gun even when I have a wall on my back covering me, then it will be a stomp from above from someone who shouldn't even have known I was there (and probably didn't know and just had to press it) be the cause of my death.

That was my nanosuit, and when I was a smart person and turn around when I had the feeling I was going to die FOR NO REASON BUT FOR THE PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE OF SMELLING THAT DANGER from behind because it was "too calm" and alone without teammates focusing on the front, while the front where there's the 60% of the area of the map is awfully silent and there's not even one enemy in sight, it meant that there was an enemy for sure there, COUGH-behind me-COUGH then someone shot from my previous front, that now was my new back so whatever you may say, the cause of my death was always from the back, and if not, an uncalled stomp from someone who jumped from high altitude and felt that pressing that button was cool during the fall for no reason, getting free points for him/her lol. So no matter what, there were 2 types of death for me: the ones where they shot me from my back, no matter my orientation, and the ones where they shot me from my back while I was on the air having jumped to pray it wouldn't spray me and somehow deviate their aim with that change of trajectory, that sometimes made it worse and a bigger target to hit when in close range.

Each bullet took a 33%-50% health in armor mode if I was lucky that it wasn't a headshot hit, though... I felt safer without the nanosuit than with it, as if it was a layer of fragility that whence worn, it decreased my survival status -900%. If I didn't use armor mode I was a running Teletubbie like a maddened headless chicken, but in armor mode I became a deafened microphone with reverb that even put me more unaware when I couldn't judge any noise around me, or if I heard one, it means it's already probably too late. Ah damn the echoooo!!!

Invisibility was safer than armor, for me - And then it came the time when, I learned to tag players while invisible, trolling them even the clocked ones and at the same time helping my team win without contributing to a fight full of lag lol. Stealth is my friend, not Armor... And that applies for campaign mode too. I actually tried to test not being stealth-oriented for once, in some of the high difficulties, and I saw clearly that one couldn't survive the hits of Supersoldier with the upgraded armor absorbtions, etc, or it may for some time but then you were slow as a turtle and they got to you faster then... Ah stealth engaged and crouching my friend.
I have good memories of Crysis 3 ahhh....... I learned a lot the mechanics of lag and performed countless experiements to win with lobby delays against the roommaster host on some other country with 1 ms ping with me 300ms ping or who knows if that was possible to see. Then there was that funny upgrade that I never used that served to scare me when someone was close, making their steps seem like they were whispering to my ear "I'm hereeee~~" and I was gonna die even more, uhhhg.

But good memories overall. Good lessons. I can't call them bad. It's just as if they threw me sweet acid full of sugar but still acid to melt my stats... I learnt survival and the mechanics of running over armor and tanking... that is useless in multiplayer, as I said, with a super-durable papier-mache composite armor, that is, an armor of cardboard and paper layers to keep me safe. Super composite combinationm of cutting-edge technology. Technology of the latest advancements on papermaking, giving you a good quality paper good to draw beautiful pictures on it, not so good to stop armor-steel-nano-piercing CELL anti-nanosuit bullets of 2043.

Cardboard and paper that made me invisible, and cardboard and paper that stopped cal .50 bullets and Ceph plasma rifles like a lit candle stops gasoline from flowing when thrown at it. Ahhh my burns, it burns, it burns...!! I am still traumatized from the PS3 Crysis 3 gameplay, some were good, some were lag. And not connection lag if I used my fastest direct ethernet cable and not wifi to have all faster, but loading lag that when I recorded it seemed like I had to reset and restart my computer, though it was my console playing from a disk. erjfvbhrekghekfvnekjsf-Sorry GOODBYE FRUSTRATION GOODBYE CRYSIS 3 SEE YOU SOMEDAY AGAIN SOMEHOW BUT IN LAN MODE I HOPE.
They seem the same as when I left.
I finished updating the edit on my post oops. Sorry it took so long that you had time to respond to the first edit of the comment while it was still editing lol. Wow, I am sorry of this much text!! But it's a goodbye for the crysis game, my first one I've ever played, having been a fan from videos of Crysis 2 and all the technology interesting animations! No regrets, no attachments, I hope EA stops being EA and makes come back good titles, patches crysis 3, decreases its price, changes their policy, becomes cheap as Steam and not all games at 59 or 69(money-unit), stops being intrusive, and someone makes a world championship competition of this game and it all comes back to life, patched, balanced and not nerfed, with all resetted stats and no weapons with people playing on all gamemodes all available, and new maps (ah that's right there was a DLC for this was there not? I couldn't get it, but people stopped playing on it fast too). Yeah, do that, or of Crysis 2 that has a better Nanosuit if I'm not wrong, even if less mobility and AA batteries. (that was funny on the game novel of crysis Legion, that I think they said something like this. I still have it but nowadays I find it impossible to download the ebook anywhere)
That was quite the mega post, I only skimmed over it. I had the glitch edition of C3, especially in the last days before I snapped my disc in 2. My controls would freeze up completely every time I took even the slightest bit of damage, bullets would follow me through walls and around corners, grenades would come back to my feet after I threw them (and they didn't bounce from anything, this happened in the open too), most guns not registering hits and poles would kill me by missing me by 30cm.

As for the DLC, you saved yourself some money and missed out on nothing but rage and lag. The C2 book was meh, the C3 book was rubbish.
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