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ANN = Artificial Neural NetworkComputers have evolved greatly since, well, good old computing times and the dawn of our best friend, Google Jesus the Internet. However, "orthodox computing" is bad at certain situations where its "exact nature" (of...
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Funny Tomb Raider MP moment:

This is too long to post in the shoutbox so I'm posting here.It started when I joined a deathmatch/ffa lobby. In these you can play either as a hero or villain. Most people in the lobby were set as hero so that they could spam the grenade launcher...
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You Fav music artists

So music play a big part in many people's lives, I for instance can't go without music for more than 2 hours lol. We all listen to many artists and some we like more than others. This is the thread where you can post a list of all of the artists y...
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Rap album out ! Mine actually

is not professionnal , well far from it but i'm still proud i made : copy paste url in web browser to buy or go listen to to previews in itunes : )
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R.I.P. old family car, hello new one.

Since this was too big to go in the shout box, I thought I might post it here.Well where do I begin? About a month, my family's car's clutch went so my dad went to get it fixed. They fixed it and then about a week later it went again. So the repla...
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My school's concert

Whoa I'm so tired. Today in school I played the piano in a concert where any student could participate (those who know how to play an instrument or sing) and I'm very tired. I think I performed well, with some errors, but this is the first time I ...
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Will you be buying PS4 me no, here is why !

You probly heard of of PS4 and how powerful it will be the thing is peaple is that its not realesing i the future it's about to release by now !! PS3 games will become costless has the psvita perfect timing to equip used games wich i have plenty ...
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The random thread of randomness

Hi guys,I've set this post up so that we can all post our strange and random posts. Here you can post the really weird stuff that you didn't know where to post before. I'll start with one of my rules of life.I think that probably many of us follow...
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