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Forum RulesThreadsPostsLast Post
The rules of the Team Nano Home Forums.
General DiscussionThreadsPostsLast Post
General Discussion about any thing clan/team realted-Open to Everyone
Crysis Series General DiscussionThreadsPostsLast Post
Discussions about Crysis 3
Discussions about Crysis 2
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Discussion about Crysis warhead.
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Discussions about Crysis 1
Off TopicThreadsPostsLast Post
Off Topic discussions
DebatesThreadsPostsLast Post
For any debates on any topic.
ReviewsThreadsPostsLast Post
First look Game reviews (of any genre) by members of the site.
For full in-depth reviews on action/adventure games
Full in-depth reviews on racing games.
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In-depth reviews for 1st and 3rd person shooters.
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In-depth reviews of RPGs
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In-depth reviews of simulator games e.g Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X
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In-depth reviews of games that require a PS eye or a PS move controller.
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In-depth reviews of strategy games
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In depth reviews of games of other genres
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Reviews for anything gaming related that isn't a game
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Requests and QuestionsThreadsPostsLast Post
For any requests and/or questions anybody has.
Site FeedbackThreadsPostsLast Post
Feedback on the Team Nano Home site. A lot of work has been put into this site.
Non-Member Q&AThreadsPostsLast Post
A question and answer section where people that are not yet members of the Team or the site can ask any questions which they want answered. Questions asked will be answered by members of the site. ALL questions will be answered by a member. Please post in the appropriate sections.