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Everything has gone to shit. It's like the game got as bad as it possibly could and then somebody came along and flipped a switch and made it 10 times as bad.

Full report:

So everybody knows about how terrible this game has become, I posted my calculations on my bullets per kill and what not before, but this game just gets worse and worse. Here are some of the current/new annoying problems.

1 bar:
Matches that are so bad that everyone is on 1 red bar (and there isn't even a host) run more smoothly than matches where people are on 3 green and 2 yellow. Probably because everyone is equally bad in terms of connection.

Hip fire:
Hip fire is completely broken. As it I deal no damage at all (I can't even cause an armour chip and there is no impact sound even at point blank) with a variety of guns. I've tried the:
Rhino (out of sheer desperation)
Scar (with and without a laser)
Scarab (with and without a laser)
Feline (with and without a laser)
Under-barrel grenade launcher (it detonated 70% of the time - it should be 100% - and dealt damage with a direct hit 20% of the time and actually killed 10% even when people were fully cloaked which should be an instant 1 hit kill).

Out of that list of weapons only the takedown and hammer managed to land a few hits.

Host migrations:
This one is personal, but host migrations wreak havoc on my thermal scope. It turns an opaque dark neon green until I get killed next and cycling scopes doesn't help.

Grenade launcher:
As I said above. It doesn't even detonate a lot of times, and when it does the sound effects are 5 secs late and the detonation which should be instant upon impact is delayed by about 2 secs. And even if I hit my mark the chance of a kill is almost 0.

Ghost bullets:
I've noticed that with my takedown if I fire off multiple bullets (and they all are on target) the first 3 or so will hit the mark but the following ones seem to behave like blanks they just boom without hitting anything or damaging everything.

Stealth kills:
This I believe is a recurring problem but when it prompts me to do a stealth kill it will melee the person.

Frozen controls:
Every time I take damage my controls freeze up and I can't move.

When others use that Marshall they get 1 hit kills one me from 6m away when I'm in full armour. When I get them in full armour from point blank (in long range mode -which doesn't increase it by that much) it takes me 2 hits (one to drain their armour and one to drain their health).

Scar kick:
The scar bucks like bull (even with all stabilizing modules and attachments without rapid fire) and is thus completely useless past 10m (which is shocking to say the least)yet others are getting me from 50m away and they have almost no recoil.

Russians, Italians, Germans:
In that order are the biggest laggers and biggest weapon noobs. Clearly there's a correlation between lagging and weapon noobishness.

Grendel noobs:
The once 1 hit kill laggers of the rhinos and mikes have now migrated to the grendel.

Smug grendel noobs:
The above noobs are not only noobs but they're also massive idiots as they seem to like to t-bag players who use the underused and consequently non-noobish weapons. I just send them belittling messages :P

Killed by getting completely missed:
80% of my deaths are when people land the first few shots on me and then empty their guns into the ground.

Air stomp:
Air stomp doesn't work half the time when it prompts you.

This is all I can mention off the top of my head for now.
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