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Here are the most frequently asked questions about Team Nano answered.

What platform are Nano on?

What games is Nano in?
-Crysis 3

What are my Team entry requirements?
-Not much. Just be friendly.

What if I have bad stats?
-Doesn't matter a single bit. Here stats are worth nothing. So if you're joining to brag about stats then you're in the wrong place.

What are Team Nano's rules?
-No abusive language towards other members
-No intended glitching
-No hacking
-No cheating
-No trolling on a regular basis
-No spamming on a regular basis

How do I join?
**Recruitment Terminated**

Do I have to apply to this site?
-No, totally up to you.

Is site membership free?
-Yes completely

Do I have to play Crysis all the time?
-Nope, you're a free being, do and play what you like.

What happens if I decide to leave the Team?
-Just send a message to malox5 and you will be free to go. We won't hassle or harass you.

How do I get myself kicked from Nano?
-By disobeying the rules on a regular basis
-Continually ignoring messages from the leader and any member (if you are online).
-By being inactive for over 5 months in one go without an excuse.

How can I find out more about Nano?
-Visit the link:
-Ask any of the members that are listed in the link
-Post your question here (does not require site membership) :
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