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Now that I've achieved the easy platinum for this game I can write a review.

I want to make it clear from the beginning that I will NOT be including the multiplayer in the review because I haven't played it, however I will be talking about the co-op.

The story :

In this game you play as a guy named Jason Brody who goes clubbing in Bangkok with his 2 brothers and 4 friends, the day after they decide to go sky diving. That's where things go wrong. You end up sky diving over Rook island where it is swarming with pirates. You and your older brother get captured b Vaas the psychopath and your friends by other pirates elsewhere. You and Grant (your older brother) escape but Vaas finds you and kills Grant, but you run away and get chased. At the end of which you fall into a river and get rescued down stream

Dennis ,the guy who rescued you, tells you that you are a warrior (because you managed escape from Vaas) and that you need to join the Rakyat (the tribe he is part of). You decide to join and embark on your journey to save your friends. On the way you meet various people and have to do various tasks

Main game review:

In terms of gameplay the game is nothing special. if anything it's actually annoying, because it's a first person action / adventure and that just kills the experience. It has standard FPS controls apart from the weapon select which is a bit more like GTA.Graphics aren't the most impressive either, they are good enough to rival something like COD or C1.

Where this game comes together is in it's free roam, because if you want to make your wallet or ammo pouch or loot rucksack or what ever bigger, you have to hunt down and skin a certain quantity of a certain animal and that means that you have to explore, and to explore a visible map you need to activate radio towers which you have to climb. If you want to make that island safer you will have to takeover pirate outposts. Doing all of this will get you money, XP (which goes for skills) and PSN trophies. On top of that. For completing certain actions you get signature weapons which are basically super modified versions of the standard guns with unchangeable, but good, attachment and increased stats (e.g. more damage and accuracy). As you progress through the game you get goodies such as a wing suit which you can deploy once you have enough air between you and the ground. To see a full list of weapons view the link at the bottom of this review.

Now for the not so good things. Other than the FP view point, this game is riddled with various glitches. Some funny but others really annoying. Like for example (this happened to me personally) I was walking up the side of a hill when all of a sudden, I begin doing rapid back flips on the spot as if in the air. I ended up dying and starting on the other side of the island. This brings me on to my next point. This game's free roam checkpoints are seriously messed up. If you die in free roam you will be reset at the nearest radio tower or fast travel point. Now that's all well and good, but when you have every safe point and tower unlocked and you die and get reset 4 safe points away it gets annoying, because most times that function doesn't even work. The final thing I want to have a moan about are the objective markers which are very unclear and get lost on your screen very easily.

Now for the Co-op. In this you can play as one of 4 characters who are unrelated to the single player characters. I can't remember the exact story, but they basically get betrayed by the captain of the ship they were on and they go after him to get their stolen money back in the space of 6 missions.

The co-op can be played either offline in split screen or online with 2-4 players. In each mission you have to fight pirates, defend one objective, build another and take part in a small inter-player competition. In the co-op you get no choice in what map you play unless you are the host at the beginning of the game.

The co-op has checkpoints so that if your entire team goes down you start from the last checkpoint. In this mode you cannot die, you only get downed and have about a minute to get revived by a team mate. If you do not get revived in that time, then you have to wait until the next check point to spawn in.

The co-op gets boring after you've played each mission twice. It has a multiplayer styled ranking and weapon unlock system so things are familiar.

Good points:
-Great free roam
-Wing suit is good fun
-Makes you work for what you want

Bad points:
-Riddled with glitches
-Would be better in 3rd person
-Co-op can be annoying

My Verdict:
This is a decent game and nothing more. I wouldn't recommend buying it at full price.

Main Game:

Gameplay: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10
Controls: 6/10

Gameplay: 6/10

Total: 36/40
Average: 9

All weapons:
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